Welcome to the blog website of the The Gallery at OC.  This website features art news and events taking place at Olympic College.

The Gallery at OC strives to be a leader in presentation of contemporary visual arts in Kitsap County, while also providing students of Olympic College with training in the essential skills of arts management, display, and marketing. The gallery will encourage a broadened and informed perspective of visual arts throughout the campus and greater community by offering diverse and rigorously curated exhibits in varied media and styles ranging from traditional to experimental. Through thoughtful, stimulating presentation and community engagement, the gallery will support careers of visual artists, foster creativity and artistic excellence, and educate our viewing audience.

The Gallery makes up a committee group of faculty, students, and community members working together to promote contemporary visual arts in Kitsap County. The committee comprises of

The Committee:

Marie Weichman, Chair, Faculty
Artist/educator.  Marie advises the committee with issues regarding contemporary art; student exposure to learning opportunities as they apply to the Gallery (i.e.: how to properly place/hang/light/strike an exhibition); managing committee related activities; purchasing (when there is money to spend, that is); monitoring the Gallery volunteers and interns; contributing to a dialogue that keeps us on track with the Gallery Mission Statement.

Ian Sherman, Faculty
Ian contributes to the dialogue of contemporary art from the point of poet/writer/educator.  He is extremely well versed in sociopolitical and creative-based contemporary issues and easily relates them to the needs of our students and mission of the Gallery.  In addition, Ian does a lot of word-smithing for the Gallery.

Gary McMannon, Faculty
Gary provides much needed assistance in backing up program responsibilities anywhere that is needed.  He is an artist, (poet/painter), and represents a voice outside the Bremerton area.  He contributes to the dialogue of community outreach opportunities very well with his natural tendency to see the “big” family picture.  In addition, Gary teaches ESOL and is able to connect our international community to the Gallery’s activities when appropriate.

Susan Digby, Faculty
Sue is a strong voice for sustainability with regard to Gallery activities.  As well as being an accomplished painter, Sue contributes much to the full picture of any dialogue we have regarding possible events or shows, and is especially gifted, thankfully, at presenting the backside of any potential plan. She is also extremely student-minded which is part of our gallery mission.

 Shawn Triplett, Faculty
Shawn is our wild-card.  He is a self-proclaimed non-art minded committee member and represents our NON-ART voice on the committee.  We need that perspective to remind us of the ways in which we are, and are not, communicating to the (generally art ignorant) audience through our various projects. His energy and willingness to be part of something outside his comfort zone broadens the picture in both directions for the Gallery.  I will add that it is generally Shawn’s highly energetic character that keeps our meetings from being a burden or boring, but equally crazy and chaotic at times.  I say this because it is NOT how many meetings are run, but that’s how we roll.

Joanie Pearson, Community Volunteer
Joanie is our link to the community.  She is a Bremerton Art Commissioner, performs media related tasks for The Gallery with her list of contacts and is an integral part of our networking beyond the OC community.  Joanie contributes extensively and with knowledge to any dialogue relating to the regional community and its artistic base. In addition, she is deeply connected to fundraising strategies and opportunities within the college and larger community.

In addition to each of the specified roles listed above, we all contribute as much as possible to the hosting of any event; hanging and striking a show; and basically filling in anywhere there is a need, (much the same as any grass roots organization would do).

Our meetings are non-traditional.  We try to meet off campus in social settings following a thought that the environment will inspire a gallery schedule that is fun, educational and experimental.  We also feel strongly that these type of relaxed, non-traditional environments help to bond us as a team working towards boundary pushing, yet boundary respectful activities.  If you feel this organic way of proceeding through each committee meeting is something that interests you and you feel the responsibilities laid out above fit your interests, then we hope you will accept our invitation to join the committee.

The Gallery at OC is open 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday or by appointment and is located in Art building A on the Olympic College Bremerton campus. You can find a map of the Art Building location online at: http://apps.olympic.edu/CampusMap/?b=ART

For more information about The Gallery, please contact Marie Weichman, OC Art Professor, at mweichman@olympic.edu or 360-475-7287.