The Writing Is On The Walls

The Writing Is On The Walls

Justine and Theresa installed the wall signage for the show today. It is truly amazing how an apparently insignificant thing can make a presentation so much more professional! Details are coming together and we are getting ready for the audience. Can’t wait for the big reveal!


4 thoughts on “The Writing Is On The Walls

  1. Wow! What an impact! The first glance of the whale and the materials that are being used to put this beautiful work together took my breath away!OMG! What a wake up call.This work has inspired me to take some action for all of the creatures in our oceans that are being harmed from the flow of plastics and other pollutants.I need to know if i looked into one of the oceans creatures eyes if they would forgive me.Thank you for your inspiration.

    • I hope they would forgive you, me and everyone else. We are responsible and we can change the path we are headed down, but only with awareness and the inspiration to do so. Thanks for your wonderful comment!

  2. I love this project! What a great way to comminucate to people about the situation in our oceans. I have been picking up marine debre off and on for several years with different groups and yes plastic bags are on the top of the list. I think bringing awareness to the general public in art form is a wonderful way to captivate those who may not be aware and perhaps get them educated about the debre that is killing marine life. The whale looks fantastic! I have seen it in the gallery but the eyes were not inserted yet. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. Kudos to all that were involved!!!!

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