Posted in October 2012

The Whale Team, (minus a few).

The Whale Team, (minus a few).

I wish we could have had all the students and faculty who worked on this project here for the picture. Maybe we can get one before the show comes down?!

Schools are welcome to schedule a tour of the exhibit. Feel free to contact me at:

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Action!  Finally, after 3.5 months of work, collaborating, weaving, welding, painting, and blogging, the Whale is ready!  The sound has been installed and the lighting is set.  Coming to the end of the process of making a piece of artwork, no matter how big or small, is always a bag of mixed emotions.  We have … Continue reading

The Writing Is On The Walls

The Writing Is On The Walls

Justine and Theresa installed the wall signage for the show today. It is truly amazing how an apparently insignificant thing can make a presentation so much more professional! Details are coming together and we are getting ready for the audience. Can’t wait for the big reveal!

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