Our baby, three months old – sort of.

Our baby, three months old - sort of.

A three month old Gray Whale is approximately 18 feet long. Our baby whale is life size for a three month old.


6 thoughts on “Our baby, three months old – sort of.

  1. So my First week of class my friend Renee & I went looking for our Ceramics class and walked in to this room! It was a site to see, I have never seen such a creative aspect for a whale. and the fact this it is actually the life size of a baby one, is shocking how big it was!

  2. I think this is just really awesome!! I have Sculpture I on Tue and Thur, so I go through the building the whale is made in. I’ve enjoyed seeing how far the students have gotten on this project. It’s simply outstanding!!

    One thing that’s been bothering me for a while though, is… how come the plastic bag on some parts of the whale is compressed into a small ball and not the others?? Is it to add texture to the whale or??

    • Nice observation, Megumi. The different styles are the result of several factors, but mostly, different people doing the weaving. We invited volunteers to help the four enrolled sculpture students and as a result, we have a community created object that has all the marks of many hands. That said, we like the accidental, (happy accident), outcome of the head of the whale looking as is he just swam through an island of floating debris. It is good to talk about the audience interpretation of what they see, because those discussions are the test of whether or not the artists were able to successfully communicate the content, or if the content is read in other, unintended ways. Thanks for your contribution to our blog!

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