Posted in August 2012

Mouthing off!

Today we finally worked on the nose and head section of the whale.  This was significantly more “organic” in process than welding the rest of the under structure had been.  We chose to use chicken wire because, it is more pliable that the fencing material we have been using so far, to shape the nose … Continue reading

Weave, weave, weave.

Well, the tedious and yes, daunting task of weaving is at hand.  First it was necessary to experiment with various techniques before we could identify the best option.  It had to be efficient.  It had to be reasonably simple.  It had to produce an appearance that would not disguise the material (plastic bags), but would … Continue reading

From an Educator’s Point of View

It’s very hard these days to not participate in new technology.  A global shift has occurred and as an educator the potential is incredibly exciting!  Yes, I agree… having to learn new tools, redesign my lessons, and rethink the way I reach out to each student, (specifically, the millennials),  is tedious, interruptive and basically frustrating. … Continue reading

The Value of Art

I suppose many people following the Whale Project wonder how this is Art.  My answer is this:  Are you inspired to know more about our marine environment?  Are you inspired to act more responsibly on behalf of those dependent on a healthy marine environment?  Then this project is Art.  Art is the outcome – not … Continue reading

An Inter-Disciplinary Team of Olympic College Students and Faculty Work Together to Build a Life-Sized Baby Grey Whale with Recycled Materials

This summer, Olympic College  students and faculty from art, science and welding departments are working together to build a life-sized baby grey whale with recycled materials and found objects. The idea for this project originated with Olympic College Art Professor, Marie Weichman, but evolved from a personal art project to a collaborative learning experience for … Continue reading

The Whale Project

Published by Marie Weichman, OC Art Professor. Have you ever watched the news or read the paper where you heard a story that moved you to action?  That happened to me not too long ago.  Last year I heard about the dead whale that washed ashore in West Seattle with ten pounds of plastic bags … Continue reading